HealthZone Medical approved for Covid-19 vaccination
We are now an approved Covid-19 Vaccination Centre. Thanks for your patience and support with all the changes occurring at the practice to get approval. Covid-19 vaccine is currently only available for those 16 yours and older.

A Customised Vaccination Experience
We can accommodate special needs, like:

  • quiet surroundings
  • uncrowded, spacious and safer
  • no rush, no chair to chair shuffling
  • low sensory environment
  • needle phobia
  • mask-wearing exemptions
  • vaccination lying down
  • family/whanau group vaccination
  • translation and sign language services (prior arrangement)
  • sports team or workplace groups

3 weeks or 6 weeks between 1st and 2nd vaccine doses?
The 6 week interval is ideal for maximum immunity and minimum 2nd dose side-effects. But for some (essential works, sports people, educational, business and travel needs), the interval can be shortened to the minimum 3 weeks. If you need an earlier dose, call us to change your booking.

    Bookings and “walk-in” vaccinations
    Bookings are preferred, but we do take “walk-in” vaccinations between 9am and 1pm, including small family groups. For large groups, contact us first

    Bookings are to be made in the following ways. 

    • via the government BookMyVaccine
    • via our Contact form (Covid vaccine option) on our Contact page here
    • via our Patient Portal (Manage My Health) for our currently enrolled patients only
    • via Email – – for a call back
    • via Phone – (09) 477 2090 especially for block bookings only

    Group bookings for Sports Teams and Businesses
    Call us on (09) 477 2090 or just send an email to with your details, or use our Contact page here

    Last updated 5.10.21