If you have any respiratory related symptoms (Cough, cold, fever, sore throat, runny nose)
you are a close contact of a possible/confirmed Covid-19 case,
... please call us first for a telephonic assessment by the doctor
Do not come into the AUT Millennium complex.

If indicated, we offer Covid-19 testing and/or asssessment by appointment only at certain times and days, depending on demand. Covid- 19 testing and/or assessment is normally free to ALL patients, except for private oversea travel purposes. 

Telephonic consultation/assessment for Covid-19 is also FREE first time, as is in-person examination even if the Covid-19 swab testing is not actually done or declined. 

We carry out Covid-19 testing at a safe location on the Millennium campus to avoid you entering the AUT Millennium main buildings. Our receptionists with give you exact instructions and directions.


We can assist with stressful pre-travel COvid-19 testing increasingly required  before international travel departure. These Covid-19 tests are not free unfortunately (up to $150+ just for the lab testing depending on country requirements).

Please enquire – telephone 09 4772090 or email at for procedures and a competitive pricing. There are significant discounts for groups or family members travelling together.

The testing/result time window may need out of hours testing and follow-up, so requests and pricing are individualized.  However we have the flexibility to accommodate most travellers. Ideally email us details of the flight number and departure times and also when the test result is needed,  and who should receive them and how (paper, email, etc ) – these are not necessarily the flight departure or normal check-in times and procedures.