We are accepting new patients. 

If you are enrolling to be funded for lower (subsidised) fees, we need to sight the passport(s) or birth certificates(s) of you and any dependents, to ensure you meet eligibility and entitlement criteria.  Any dependents 16yrs or older need to also sign the enrolment forms themselves. 

If you or family are not eligible for funded care, you can still register with us for ongoing care – ask us how.

As we have a family focus, we prefer that parents or guardians and other children enrol at the same time as a family, if dependants are under 16yrs of age. 

If you are transferring from another medical practice, have your clinical records transferred over from your previous GP, before your first appointment –  ask us how. Transfer can take up to 10 dat.

We have quick online enrolment – click on the button below,

You can also enrol manually by downloading and completing the  HealthZone Medical Enrolment Form below. Email the completed signed form to reception@hzmedical.co.nz or drop it off at reception.

  • HealthZone Medical Enrolment Form (PDF, 911 KB)
    If you wish to become an enrolled patient at Healthzone Medical, please complete the attached enrolment form and health questionnaire form.
    Please bring along to your first appointment documents to support your eligibility to enrol, including photographic identification. Further details are set out on page 2 of the enrolment form attached.

Please note our Terms of Trade, in the document below.